• Homelessness

Finding long-term and permanent solutions to address the homeless problem that is ever increasing via means of increased housing and financial assistance programs for the most vulnerable and those at risk.

  • Economic Recovery

    Generating more employment opportunities in the area in the agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation industries by investing in long-term growth and sustainability plans. In addition, providing lower bracket income residents with financial assistance programs and affordable incentives, keeping tax rates low, and providing students and seniors with assistance and economic stability initiatives.

  • Local Agricultural Sector

Assisting and providing fair and equal pay for the farmers of the area are the backbone of our society by establishing a support system and exploring policies around land use.

  • Sustainability

Making the city adopt clean and green initiatives to be sustainable and eco friendly, reduce the ecological footprint by, helping in reducing green house gas emissions, and planning at the city-level for infrastructure systems that operate with solar and healthier alternatives.

  • Crime Prevention

Investing into new ways of working with local authorities such as the Abbotsford Police Department and education institutions to keep our youth away from crime and drugs. Prevalent drug use and gang related violence and crimes that are high in the community by introducing preventative measures such as after school programs, extra curricular activities, and enhanced support within the school environment to make Abbotsford a safe place.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Leading by example and being a collective and unified voice and equal representation for visible minorities and people of colour by using our civic institutions to engage a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic groups through our public places. In addition, promoting and celebrating social diversity through events and creating new social programs.